FrEquently Asked Questions

Why Hire NannyTainment?

Some special events, meetings, parties are not ideal settings for children. A child-friendly space with caregivers allows their parents to attend and fully join in with the other adults. Having event childcare allows parents to participate when it otherwise may not have been feasible or convenient for them to attend. NannyTainment prevents boredom and restlessness that can often lead to undesired behavior. NannyTainment knows all about safety, taking precautions, and risk management. We are inspecting our workspaces constantly. NannyTainment believes in discovery, play, and creativity. We don’t rely on videos, computers, and other electronics to engage the kids as they don’t always hold the interests or appropriate for all the ages of the children in attendance. Parents often have different views on electronics too. Plus, it can be a liability if screens aren’t properly mounted or there are too many long loose cords. Arts and crafts aren’t for everyone either. We honor children by bringing in a wide range of things to keep them entertained.

What Types of Clients Have We  Had In The Past?

We have done a lot of weddings, large and small, city or country. We have been behind the scene at the launch of a political campaign. We actively provide childcare for the military. We have provided care at conferences and fundraisers. We have had kid’s areas in charitable walks and at a business’s anniversary party for the community. Several companies have asked us to provide care for corporate events and holiday parties. We have been the childcare service for some religious groups too.

We are often referred by venues, wedding and meeting planners, and other event professionals familiar with projects we have done together. NannyTainment is also on many preferred vendor lists. We are a COEXIST company, which means we work for all types of cultures, religions, races, political affiliations, and sexual orientations. We respect everyone and enjoy caring for children in all settings!

How Do You Keep The Children Entertained?

Nannytainment factors in many things during the planning process. We consider the ages of the children, how many children, the time of day we with them, the season, the venue, and the nature of the event. If we have completed child registration forms in advance we will look at their hobbies and interests. Then we go into our storeroom that contains a several thousand dollar inventory of toys, games, craft supplies, recreation equipment, costumes, puppets, puzzles, etc. and select a variety of things needed to create funtastic memories with the children.

What are the qualifications and backgrounds of the caregivers?

NannyTainment offers assurance with high-quality, skilled and experienced staff that has been responsible for all ages and types of children. To be a NannyTainer, one needs reference verification, a background check, CPR and First Aid Certification, previous paid childcare/babysitting work and/or volunteer roles with organizations who serve children. We also put them through an orientation and training process, working in a wide range of event childcare settings both indoor and out, from historic estates to large hotels.

Where Can You Work? When? How Far Can You Travel?

We have worked and will work in a wide range of venues. There are some places that are very suitable for childcare and if we think there are too many safety concerns we will advise our clients to come up with an alternative space for us. We work day and night, seven days a week, and holidays too (however there is an extra costs for that). Our caregivers are pretty flexible this way. We try to refrain from excessive overtime. Our caregivers generally don’t go more than 60 miles away from their homes however, we do have a network of caregivers across regions, states, etc. to assist us as well. We are opening several satellite offices around the country this year.

What Sets NannyTainment Apart?

Our standards and our values. In order to have our insurance policy, we did a lot of risk management research and wrote preventive policies to our operating procedures. We observe what works or doesn’t at events all the time and let them become learning experiences to apply in our future event childcare management. We genuinely enjoy what we do. It’s exciting to meet children and their parents from all over the world. At the same time, it is a big responsibility when we have the mindset of treating everyone how we would want our own children and families to be treated.