Meet Our CEO

Micah Barber-Smith is a Professional Nanny with credentials from the International Nanny Association and is CPR/First Aid/AED certified! Growing up in a large family, the love and desire to care for children came naturally to her. Her kind heart, determination, and passion for caring for children never goes unnoticed. Recommended by many for her techniques and creativity, she will always have a fun, educational game for children of any age. Micah took over NannyTainment with a passion to continue the late founder's dream! With the experience of over 10 years of childcare, she strives to push NannyTainment to be a huge success! 

Our History and What We Do


NannyTainment Event Childcare evolved from the unique history of the company founder, Lisa Werth. Her first wedding babysitting experience happened the summer she was fourteen when her older sister asked her to watch her two-year old. Little Christopher was needed at times for things like family photos, yet at other times he had his nap-time, feedings, and bedtime. It was Lisa's role to make sure his needs were met and he stayed a happy little wedding guest. Several years and a lot of babysitting events later, Lisa was sparked with an idea. She was able to put parents at ease by being there and watching over the kids, why not make a business out of it?

And thus, NannyTainment was created! 


 NannyTainment delivers specialized on-site child care services, providing a nurturing, engaging, and secure setting for kids of all ages during their parents’ events. Childcare providers arrive at the event with games, toys, activities, arts & crafts, music, and other STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)-focused activities to help keep the young attendees entertained. Parents, friends, and guests can be focused entirely on the main event knowing qualified sitters are watching their children safely nearby!

NannyTainment is the ideal childcare solution for your next event. Whether you require hotel, wedding or convention childcare, Nannytainment is "what you do with the kids". 


In Memory Of Our Founder

July 27, 1965 - January 7, 2017

Lisa Jo Werth, started Nannytainment with an idea and turned it into a successful business. She was a leader, a mentor, a hard worker, a big dreamer, a woman who networked like a boss and built a community between nannies, families traveling from around the world, military, community groups, associations, schools, and companies. She impacted so many lives and her dreams and her legacy will not be forgotten. 

What to Expect from NannyTainment

We Offer Our Services ​To These Events

We Offer Our Services ​To These Events

We Offer Our Services ​To These Events

– Special Festivities & Private Banquets

– Parties, for kids and adults

– Award Ceremonies &  Dinners

– Bridal Showers & Baby Showers

– Weddings & Receptions

– Religious Services

- Balls & Galas

– Fundraisers & Rallies

– Meetings & Conferences

– Conventions, Expos, and Trade Shows

– Corporate Picnics & Company Gatherings

– Funerals & Memorial Services

& More!

How We Plan For Your Event

We Offer Our Services ​To These Events

We Offer Our Services ​To These Events

Once we find out the specifics of date, time, location, schedule of the entire event, number and ages of children, we will want to find out if there is any special themes or colors that you would like us to incorporate into this special occasion for the children. 

We take into consideration the season and weather possibilities, in case we have indoor and outdoor options for activities. We look at what the venue has to offer: playgrounds, accommodations, and amenities. 

Our Preparation Includes

We Offer Our Services ​To These Events

Our Preparation Includes

- Confirming Childcare Location & Availability.
- Styling and designing of the children’s event.
- Working with planners and other coordinators of the occasion.
- Event etiquette guidance for children.
- Program Drafting.
-  Manage all logistics of childcare.
-  Supervise all duties of caregivers.
- Oversee childcare site(s) set-up.
- Ensure everything runs as planned.
- Supervise children during event.
- Attend to guests’ special needs.
- Create a “funtastic day!” for kids